Jakarta (ANTARA) - Google Indonesia has projected digital economy in Indonesia to reach some Rp1.7 quadrillion in 2025, three folds higher, from Rp548.2 trillion recorded in 2020.

"At the moment, Indonesia's digital economy has become the largest in South-East Asia," Managing Director of Google Indonesia, Randy Jusuf, stated at the launch event of Grow with Google held at the National Library in Jakarta, Tuesday.

Apart from start-up businesses, thousands of traditional ventures in Indonesia have also penetrated the digital realm, he noted.

Digital economy is not an exclusive platform for technology experts but is also open for other fields, including agriculture, manufacture, and retail, among others.

"Of course, this would all require adequate digital skills," he pointed out.

According to recent reports from strategic consulting company AlphaBeta, human resources, equipped with digital capabilities, have the potential to contribute more than Rp4 trillion to Indonesia's gross domestic product in 2030.

Jusuf believes that Indonesia will be able to materialize on such potentials by enhancing its human resources.

In an effort to harness such potentials, Google has launched the Grow with Google initiative, which is said to be a global initiative aimed at creating more opportunities for all, as Indonesia's digital economy continues to grow.

Under the initiative, Google applies the five pillars that have become the target in a bid to boost capabilities in the midst of rampant growth of the digital economy.

Such pillars include business owners, job seekers, developers, start-ups, teachers and students, as well as creators and journalists.

Google has invited those five pillars to join training programs in order to capitalize on digital technology as a platform to boost the economy. Related news: Indonesia's digital economy projected to emerge 9th-largest globally
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