Melbourne is the first (location). There will be one in Sydney, Adelaide and Perth, as well
Bandung, W Java (ANTARA) - Governor of West Java Ridwan Kamil officially opened the Jabarano Cafe that offers coffees from West Java, in the Australian city of Melbourne, Monday, February 24, afternoon, local time.

The coffee shop is located in the city's central area at 555 Flinders Lane, Melbourne, Victoria. "Melbourne is the first (location). There will be one in Sydney, Adelaide and Perth, as well," Kamil said.

Jabarano offers mostly arabica beans, only with their own twist. Their arabica comes with a lower level of acidity and slight sweetness, which means it can be enjoyed by more consumers. The coffee shop also offers other premium specialty coffees.

The name 'Jabarano' was inspired by the beverage name Americano, combining Jabar, which is the abbreviation of West Java in Bahasa Indonesia, with the addition 'ano', he explained.

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The cafe will be the melting pot for curated Indonesian coffees, especially those from West Java.

The Governor hoped the coffee shop brand would become an international chain, and aside from Australia, he also aimed to open more chains in at least 20 major cities in the world, as he intended to introduce Indonesian coffees to the world.

West Java coffees specifically, can be accepted by coffee lovers across the world, as long as the high quality and vast variety are ensured, he believed.

"Our simple vision is to have West Javanese coffee to be a seeded product in the world's coffee market because we have such a varied coffee commodity," he said.

For that reason, his administration aims to boost coffee production in the West Java area.

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