Jakarta (ANTARA) - State-owned fertilizer producer PT Pupuk Indonesia (Persero) has recorded the highest fertilizer production in history, at 11,838,451 tons, in 2019, or 101.84 percent of its targeted 11,625,000 tons.

President Director of PT Pupuk Indonesia Aas Asikin Idat revealed that the company has shown encouraging performance in 2019, with positive growth in production consolidation, sales, revenue, and profit exceeding the target set by stakeholders.

"Performance in production in 2019 is relatively good as compared to 2018. This was reflected in the production volume that increased by 448,226 tons, or 2.43 percent, as compared to the production in 2018," Idat stated here on Friday.

Among the factors that have boosted production is the new factory in Gresik that commences its production in August 2018.

In addition to fertilizers, the company has produced 5.9 million tons of ammonia, or 101.29 percent of its targeted 5.8 million tons; sulphate acid, 849,510 tons, or 99.4 percent of the target; and phosphoric acid, 270,333 tons, or 108.13 percent of the target.

Idat remarked that fertilizer producers -- PT Pupuk Kaltim, PT Petrokimia Gresik, PT Pupuk Sriwidjaja Palembang, PT Pupuk Kujang, and PT Pupuk Iskandar Muda Aceh -- as members of the holding company -- have maintained the capability of factories.

"This was reflected in the increased efficiency of gas consumption as raw material," he noted.

In 2019, the company had distributed 8.7 million tons of subsidized fertilizer, or 91.19 percent of the target. The government has adjusted the company's obligation to distribute 8.8 million tons of subsidized fertilizer in the year, as compared to 9.5 million tons obligated in 2018.

"We applaud subsidiary companies, especially fertilizer producers, for facilitating fertilizer supply at subsidized rate. Thus, we could meet the requirement," he added. Related news: Pupuk Indonesia ensures fertilizer distribution to remain unhindered
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