Artists transcending genres, backgrounds read poem on pandemic

Artists transcending genres, backgrounds read poem on pandemic

The “Bertahanlah Di Rumah” (Keep Staying at Home’) featuring Indonesian artists. (HO)

Jakarta (ANTARA) - Young Indonesian artists hailing from diverse genres and regional backgrounds have responded to the coronavirus-induced changes in day-to-day life through empathy, high spirits, and vision during this challenging time amid the pandemic.

Some 70 artists from across Indonesia, including writers, musicians, actors and actresses, artists, and videographers, collaborated to compile a 20-minute video in which they read out a poem with their personal touch.

"One of the functions of art is to provide mental strength in difficult times while proffering inspiring thoughts to survive and endure the tragedy occurring at the moment," Yopi Setia Umbara, one of the collaboration executors, from the Buruan literature community in Bandung, noted in a statement received here, Thursday.

The poem recited by the artists is titled "Kesunyian Besar Umat Manusia" (The Great Silence of Mankind) by Faisal Kamandobat that contains a narration of 43 verses, comprising various different yet related topics, including environment, social, science and technology, as well as spirituality regarding pandemic.

The collaboration took two months, starting from introducing the poem to the readers, taping the video, and editing as well as creating the background music.

Some of the artists involved include Prilly Latuconsina, Gunawan Maryanto, Heru Joni Putra, Heliana Sinaga, Frisca Aswarini, Andy Eswe, Irwan Jamal, Zulkifli Songyanan, as well as others from different cities.

The colossal work is titled #bertahanlahdirumah (keep staying at home), with messages to be disciplined, patient, and courageous in dealing with the pandemic, as well as looking after and helping one another while enriching reflections, strengthening mentality, and increasing creativity in the midst of difficult times.

The collaboration video airs on the Buruan YouTube channel, with the headline "Bertahanlah di Rumah: Kolaborasi Penulis dan Seniman Indonesia" (Keep Staying at Home: Collaboration of Indonesian Writers and Artists). Related news: COVID-19 task force confirms death of nurse in Surabaya City
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