NU strongly condemns israel's plan to annex West Bank, Palestine

NU strongly condemns israel's plan to annex West Bank, Palestine

A Palestinian protester confronted Israeli soldiers in the West Bank, Palestine. ( REUTERS/MOHAMAD TOROKMAN)

Israel must stop all actions that will directly affect security and worsen world peace
Bekasi< West Java (ANTARA) - The Nahdlatul Ulama Executive Board (PBNU) has strongly condemned Israel's planned annexation of the West Bank, the Palestinian territories.

"Israel must stop all actions that will directly affect security and worsen world peace," Helmy Faishal Zaini, Secretary General of the PBNU, said in a statement to ANTARA here on Saturday.

He lauded and supported the policy, ideas and decision made by the Government of Indonesia in opposing Israel's annexation.

According to him, Indonesia played an important role in pushing this issue in international forums in order to bring about peace in the world.

"We again encourage the Indonesian Government to continue to make strategic efforts to bring about peace in conflict countries, especially in Palestine. This effort is in line with the mandate of the 33rd Nahdlatul Ulama Congress in Jombang in 2015. Nahdlatul Ulama fully supports Palestinian independence. For Nahdlatul Ulama 'What has happened in Palestine is not just a conflict over religion, but more a conflict of humanity'," he said.

Nahdlatul Ulama, Indonesia's largest Muslim organization, has also taken several steps and strategic efforts to help resolve the conflict in Palestine.

The NU intensified communication with various parties to provide input for the achievement of Palestinian sovereignty, said Helmy Faishal.

Since 1938, NU's attitude has not changed. NU is consistent and committed to supporting the Palestinian independence and sovereignty. Therefore, the NU welcomed the moves of the Government of Indonesia, represented by Foreign Minister Retno LP Marsudi.

"NU fully supports three important agendas related to peace in Palestine, namely providing protection for Palestinian civilians, restoring social and political conditions, and also seeking peace between Israel and Palestine," he said.

Earlier, the Indonesian Foreign Affairs Ministry issued a statement strongly denouncing and opposing Israel's annexation plan.

“Such a plan is illegal and in grave breach of the international law, including various UN resolutions," the Ministry said in a press statement on May 23, 2020.

The Israeli plan also threatens regional stability and security while gravely undermining all efforts to reach a lasting political solution based on a two-state solution. "Indonesia urges the international community to reject the plan".

During a virtual meeting of the United Nations Security Council on May 27, Indonesian Foreign Affairs Minister Retno Marsudi urged Israel to stop its annexation plan.

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