- The celebration of the Jeolla Gamyoung restoration will be held on October 7

- Events include unveiling a signboard, delivering a book of wishes, enacting a ceremony for the transfer of duties of Jeolla governor

Jeonju, South Korea--(Antara/Business Wire)- Jeolla Gamyoung was restored to its former grandeur and will open on October 7. A provincial government complex was called ‘Gamyoung’ in the Joseon Dynasty that lasted for about 500 years (1392-1910). Jeolla refers to the southwestern province of the country.

Jeonju City, North Jeolla Province Government and the Jeolla Gamyoung Restoration Committee will unveil the restored Jeolla Gamyoung at 2 p.m. on October 7. Entitled “Jeolla Gamyoung: A Radiant Flower, A Thousand Years of Fruit,” the ribbon-cutting ceremony will be attended by a small number of participants to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and live-streamed on YouTube.

The celebration of the restoration of the historic site will begin with ‘Seungjeonmu’ (Victory Dance), which was performed to welcome George Clayton Foulk, then US charge d’affaires to Joseon, in 1884 when he visited Jeolla Gamyoung. A ceremony for the transfer of duties of Jeolla governor will be enacted based on entries written by Jeolla Gov. Lee Seok-pyo in his ‘Honam Diary.’ Honam is another name for Jeolla.

Then, the signboard of ‘Seonhwadang,’ the main building on Jeolla Gamyoung, will be unveiled. Jeolla governors of the Joseon Dynasty fulfilled their official duties in ‘Seonhwadang.’ Jeonju citizens and residents in North Jeolla Province will deliver a book of their wishes for the future of Jeolla Gamyoung to Jeonju mayor and Jeollabuk-do governor. Following official events, participants will tour the restored site.

Jeolla governors of the Joseon Dynasty had jurisdiction over present-day North and South Jeolla provinces, Gwangju Metropolitan City and Jeju Island. Jeolla Gamyoung was located on the site of the old Jeollabuk-do government building.

Discussion of a project to restore the ancient government complex began in 2005. The ground was broken for the project in November 2017 after the old Jeollabuk-do government building was demolished. The first stage of the project was completed on August 27.

The focus of the first stage was to find records on the original form of Jeolla Gamyoung. Seven major buildings were restored in the first phase: Seonhwadang, Naeah, Naeah Hangrang, Gwanpoonggak, Yeonsindang, Naesammun and Oehangrang.

Jeonju will kick off the second stage of the project shortly after deciding on the plan to develop the west zone of Jeolla Gamyoung. Until then, the zone will remain open to the general public.

“The city planned the restoration celebration on the smallest possible scale to prevent the spread of the Covid-19,” said Choi Lak-ki, director of culture, tourism and sports at Jeonju City Hall, “Now that Jeolla Gamyoung was restored, we will try to attract more tourists to the site to publicize its history and status. Restored Jeolla Gamyoung will lift the self-esteem of Jeonju and Jeollabuk-do citizens.”

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