TMII records a surge in visitors during Nyepi Holiday

TMII records a surge in visitors during Nyepi Holiday

Tourists relax with their families in Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII) of East Jakarta on Thursday (8/20/2020). (ANTARA/HO-Humas TMII)

Jakarta (ANTARA) - Beautiful Indonesia in Miniature Park  (TMII) saw the number of visitors surging to an estimated 10,000 during Nyepi  (Day of Silence) Holiday on Sunday.

"As of 12 a.m local time, the number of visitors has reached 10,000, an increase compared to the previous week," TMII public relations officer  Adi Widodo said.

He noted that the number of tourists visiting the park in recent days had also increased thanks to long weekend holidays.

"There were 7 thousand visitors on Thursday,, 6 thousand visitors on Friday and  7 thousand visitors on Saturday," said Widodo.

During the period of Public Activity Restriction (PPKM), TMII did not set the target of visitors.

However, he said that many tourists from outside Jakarta still visit TMII during the micro-scale social restrictions (PPKM)

"People who have identity cards from outside Jakarta may visit it. And in the last two weeks there have also been groups of visitors coming from several regions," he said.

TMII continues to carry out health protocols by deploying officers to monitor visitors.

People who want to visit TMII can buy entrance tickets online or buy them on the ticket counters..

"Apart from being sold online, tickets purchases can also be served directly at the entrance counter. In the future, this park will also provide non-cash payments," Widodo affirmed.

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