Allocation of education funds rose to Rp500 trillion: Finance minister

Allocation of education funds rose to Rp500 trillion: Finance minister

Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani during an online discussion here on Wednesday (August 4, 2021). (ANTARA/Agatha Olivia/FR)

Jakarta (ANTARA) - Finance Minister Sri Mulyani drew attention to the increase in allocation of education funds in the last few years and having reached Rp500 trillion.

"The allocation is in accordance with the amended Constitutional mandate, which is 20 percent of the state budget," Mulyani noted during an online discussion here on Wednesday.

The minister emphasized that the large allocation for education funds aimed to improve the quality of human resources in Indonesia.

However, Mulyani elaborated that the entire budget would not be specifically diverted to one ministry, but rather it would be spread out to others, such as the Religious Affairs Ministry as well as research institutions.

Most of the education funding would also be diverted to the provincial government for covering school operation costs and teachers' salaries.

However, Mulyani remarked that pushing for education to ensure quality human resources required more than allocating a large budget.

The minister opined that the people should keep pursuing ways to optimally utilize the allotted budget and transform it to achieve quality education to hone the citizens to become productive, innovative, and dedicated as well as bring prosperity to Indonesia.

In addition to the education budget, the government has striven to boost the quality of education through steps, including creating various innovations and establishing eternal fund for research.

These efforts are being made through increasing education funding and tax incentives for various activities that support education, training, and research.

The state treasurer has also forged various collaborations in order to increase the participation of the private and global sector for improving the quality of Indonesian education.

"Plenty of LPDP (Endowment Fund for Education) alumni have made a real contribution, which does not appear out of anywhere, but comes from the keenness to establish an eternal education fund, so that Indonesian children can receive the best higher education in the world," Mulyani emphasized. Related news: Education Ministry's 2020 budget realization reaches 91 percent
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