Dozens of regions manage to lower PPKM level

Dozens of regions manage to lower PPKM level

On-duty director general of territorial administration at Home Affairs Ministry, Suhajar Diantoro. (ANTARA/HO-Home Affairs Ministry/uyu)

Earlier, there were only two regions at PPKM level 2 — Tasikmalaya and Sampang in Java-Bali region.
Jakarta (ANTARA) - Dozens of Indonesian regions have succeeded in lowering their level in the extended enforcement of community activity restrictions (PPKM), which began on August 24, 2021, the Home Affairs Ministry has said.

Ten regencies in four provinces of Java and Bali have managed to achieve PPKM level 2 status — Serang, Lebak, Tasikmalaya, Majalengka, Subang, Garut, Kudus, Jepara, Sampang, and Pamekasan, on-duty director general of territorial administration at the ministry, Suhajar Diantoro, said.

"Earlier, there were only two regions at PPKM level 2 — Tasikmalaya and Sampang in Java-Bali region. However, currently, there are 10 regions that have managed to control their COVID-19 transmission significantly, thus they can be comprised into PPKM level 2," Diantoro informed.

Furthermore, the condition in the agglomeration areas of Greater Jakarta, Greater Bandung, Greater Surabaya, Greater Semarang, and Banten has also improved and the status of the regions has changed to PPKM level 3, he said.

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Meanwhile, 11 cities and districts outside the Java-Bali region have been downgraded from PPKM level 4 to PPKM level 3 — North Bengkulu, Merangin, Barito Kuala, Tulang Bawang Barat, South Lampung, West Lampung, Ende, Sikka, Siak, Okan Hulu, and Dumai, he added.

Furthermore, there has been a better assessment development in regions outside Java and Bali islands, Diantoro said.

The PPKM level 4 assessment areas have decreased from 11 provinces to 7 provinces, he added.

Meanwhile, at the district level, the PPKM level 4 assessment regions have declined from 132 districts/cities to 104 districts/cities; PPKM level 3 assessment areas have increased from 215 areas to 234 areas; and PPKM level 2 assessment areas have risen from 39 regions to 48 regions, he informed.

Home Affairs Minister Tito Karnavian has lauded the hard work done by regional government leaders, who have worked tirelessly to bring COVID-19 transmission under control, Diantoro said.

Therefore, public health could continue to be maintained and economic activity could also run, he added.

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