AKKI Launches Pancasila Animation, Here's the Response of the Chairman of MPR RI

Jakarta (ANTARA) - Chairman of the MPR RI, Bambang Soesatyo, appreciated the launch of a series of short animations “Implementation of Pancasila during Covid-19 Pandemic,” which was initiated in the national movement “Aku Kamu Kita Indonesia” (AKKI). As a national platform, the presence of AKKI is a clear evidence that there are still young generations of the nation who care and are committed to maintaining, caring for, and fighting for the preservation of national values.

"AKKI, which was founded by two outstanding high school students from the Jakarta Intercultural School (JIS), namely Effan Audi Khalif (Audi) and Ignazio Marco Widodo (Marco), is also a clear evidence that different backgrounds do not become a barrier to the unification of the national vision. Diversity does not provide a gap that separates them, but instead, it provides space to complement each other, and ultimately unite," said Bamsoet at the online launch of the animations in Jakarta, Saturday (21/8/21).

Despite the many differences between them, Audi and Marco became close friends in middle school when they became teammates to represent Indonesia in several academic and debate competitions abroad. From their unique friendship experiences, Audi is a Moslem from a Javanese-Indonesian family while Marco is a Catholic from a Chinese-Indonesian family, the idea of "Aku Kamu Kita Indonesia" arises to invite the young generations of Indonesia to deepen the pillars of nationality and practice them in everyday life.

“Although our ethnic groups and religions are different, we remain united in the same nation: Indonesia. Through our movement Aku Kamu Kita Indonesia, we want young Indonesians to have a deeper understanding of Pancasila and Unity in Diversity (Bhinneka Tunggal Ika), so that we can truly apply them in our daily lives, not merely some concept that we just learn at school” said Marco, one of the founders of AKKI.

To achieve this, AKKI is present as a platform that can be used by young Indonesians to share stories and exchange inspirations to promote tolerance and understanding by holding nationwide competitions and special events geared for the Generation Z, those who are between 6 - 24 years old.

The chairman of the 20th DPR RI, Bamsoet reminded that, in the midst of the crush of various problems faced during the pandemic, there is still a problem that is no less complicated, namely the shifting of values of local wisdom and national identity, especially among the younger generation. The swift current of globalization offers various ideas and values that are not in harmony with Indonesian identity. Such as the hedonistic, individualistic, selfish, and pragmatic lifestyle, which has reduced the national spirit of some of the younger generation of the Indonesian nation.

"We should be concerned that according to a survey conducted by the Young Pancasila Community at the end of May 2020, it was recorded that 19.5 percent of the younger generation respondents considered Pancasila only in a utopian space, which is just a term whose meaning is not understood. The presence of Pancasila should be felt in every pulse and breath of people's lives. It must be realized in the form of concrete actions, so that it does not become a concept that only lives in the air, or only memorizes the formulation of the precepts by heart," said Bamsoet.

The short animation series about the implementation of Pancasila during the Covid-19 pandemic is one concrete action that AKKI is doing to help foster a sense of Indonesia national spirit for the Z generation.

“Indonesia is a country with a thousand diversity and has become a symbol of unity packaged in the frame of Bhinneka Tunggal Ika,” said Audi, one of the founders of AKKI.

"We as a young generation must continue to work to advance the nation and the Indonesian state, as President Soekarno once said that a great nation is a nation that knows its history and appreciates its heroes."

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