Jakarta (ANTARA) - Indonesian Vice President Ma'ruf Amin reminded all religious leaders, both individuals and in group organizations, to actively partake in maintaining religious harmony in society.

"This is where religious leaders and activists of interfaith dialogue play an important part as role models and references for the community in maintaining religious harmony," Amin noted while opening the National Interfaith Dialogue of the Istiqlal Mosque Management Agency virtually from Jakarta, Tuesday.

Amin highlighted the importance of interfaith leaders holding dialog activities, as diversity was the hallmark of unity and integrity in Indonesia.

"The plurality of the Indonesian people, with various religious, ethnic, cultural, and racial backgrounds, is a distinctive character of the Indonesian nation that strengthens unity and integrity," he affirmed.

Regarding efforts in handling the COVID-19 pandemic, Amin believes religious leaders play an important role in bringing about better changes in adapting to the new normal.

"To get through the pandemic, I believe in the importance of religion as a carrier of light or enlightenment in encouraging a movement for improvement and change in various fields," he explained.

Hence, Amin has invited all religious figures and leaders to continue to inspire the community to recover from the COVID-19 crisis.

"In line with the teachings of our respective religions, we both understand that Allah SWT, God Almighty, will not change the fate of a nation unless we strive to change our own destiny," he emphasized.

The vice president is optimistic that all leaders of religious organizations and religious leaders would be able to invite the people and the public to not give up hope in facing the ordeal of the COVID-19 pandemic. Related news: VP gives high weightage to harmony among religious believers
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Translator: Fransiska, Azis Kurmala
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