North Sumatra's 25 Wushu athletes depart for PON

North Sumatra's 25 Wushu athletes depart for PON

The North Sumatra Wushu team will compete in the Papua PON XX as they depart from Medan to Merauke on Saturday, September 25, 2021. (ANTARA/HO/Juraidi/KT).

Wushu is the mainstay sport of North Sumatra. We are optimistic that the athletes would perform optimally and deliver the best achievements
Medan (ANTARA) - The North Sumatra Wushu contingent departed for Merauke on Saturday from Medan City to participate in the National Sports Week (PON) XX in Merauke, Papua.

North Sumatra's Youth and Sports Affairs Office Head Ardan Noor, Secretary Hj Dahliana, and the province's National Sports Committee Chairman, John Ismadi Lubis, saw off the contingent comprising 25 athletes, coaches, and officials.

Chairman of North Sumatra Wushu Darsen Song, Secretary Heriyanto, Team Manager Harianto Tan, and some staff of the provincial Wushu management were also present during the athletes' departure.

North Sumatra National Sports Committee (KONI) Secretary Drs Chairul Azmi Hutasuhut acted as the contingent head to lead its first flight to Merauke.

On the occasion, Noor saw off all members of the contingent. He also advised the Wushu athletes to maintain health protocols and steer clear of matters that can disrupt their readiness.

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"Wushu is the mainstay sport of North Sumatra. We are optimistic that the athletes would perform optimally and deliver the best achievements," Noor stated in Medan.

Moreover, Chairman of North Sumatra KONI John Ismadi Lubis also expressed hope that the team would secure medals.

"Wushu is always a competitive sport. We are optimistic of you winning many gold medals that will encourage other North Sumatran athletes in other branches," Lubis stated.

He also reminded the team to take their time to rest, considering the departure to Merauke would be exhausting.

Furthermore, Song believes that the presence of the Sports Office and KONI boosts the spirit and motivation of athletes before facing their real matches at the PON later.

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He also urged athletes to not harbor any fears or discouragement while competing.

"Remember our parents' message (and our) Master Supandi Kusuma that you must not be tense, just enjoy it. Training is like competing and competing like training. Do not be afraid. We will ease your struggle with prayer," he affirmed.

Meanwhile, team manager Harianto Tan noted that the North Sumatra Wushu team comprised eight taolu athletes and eleven sanda.

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The group was scheduled to depart from the Kualanamu Airport, Saturday afternoon, and was expected to arrive in Merauke on Sunday afternoon, September 26, Eastern Indonesian Standard Time.

Tan also thanked Noor and Lubis that saw off the athletes from the Wushu training center.

"We are also grateful to the North Sumatra Police Chief, Police Inspector General Panca Simanjuntak, who facilitates transportation from the training center to the airport by using the Mobile Brigade Corps (brimob) bus, as we want to make the athletes proud and confident," he stated.

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