SOEs Minister launches #GirlsTakeOver to promote women's leadership

SOEs Minister launches #GirlsTakeOver to promote women's leadership

Erick Thohir: #GirlsTakeover aligns with the human resource transformation strategy of state-owned companies

Jakarta (ANTARA) - State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) Minister Erick Thohir has launched the #GirlsTakeOver program to promote women's leadership and gender equality.

The program, which will assign six millennials to carry out the duties of the SOEs Minister for a day, is being organized by the Forum Human Capital Indonesia (FHCI) and the Plan International Indonesia Foundation as part of a grand strategy for the transformation of human capital, the minister said.

“I welcome (this program) as this is also positive for the grand strategy for the transformation of SOEs human capital as well as for women's leadership,” he remarked during the #GirlsTakeOver press conference here on Monday.

#GirlsTakeover is part of programs for developing youth leadership in SOEs, which aim to provide a chance to people aged under 42 to lead SOEs, he said. Young people are expected to occupy 5 percent of all SOE leadership positions by this year, and 10 percent by 2023, he added.

"The #GirlsTakeover Program is part of the two main SOEs programs, namely women's leadership and young SOEs' leadership,” Thohir noted.

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The ministry has five key measures for improving SOE performance, which focus on how to remap corporations and public services; how to ensure that every SOE has its own core business, which must be  excellent, and is able to compete; how to be innovative considering that many SOEs are currently going digital; how SOEs can be transparent and open and not carry out their business on a project basis; as well as the transformation of human capital, the minister informed.

"The transformation in SOEs will not happen if there is no transformation of human capital. This is why we are very focused on improving the human capital of SOEs,” Thohir said.

"By standing on an equal footing, we can collaborate well. Indeed, part of the policy is with us, but that does not mean that FHCI cannot propose policies. One of the policies we want to ensure from the start is women's leadership," he added.

The SOEs Ministry has set the target of achieving 15-percent female leadership in SOEs, he said. In 2023, the target will increase to 25 percent, he added.

"It is important for us to support gender equality and, of course, with a balance in leadership, this has also proven to be an increase in results from a company. That is why FHCI also has mentoring, coaching, or leadership programs on how to balance life as a professional and householder," Thohir said.

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