President Jokowi visits Sota market in Merauke

President Jokowi visits Sota market in Merauke

President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) visited sota market in Merauke District, Papua Province, Sunday (3/10/2021) (Antara/HO-the Press Bureau of the Presidential Secretariat)

Jakarta (ANTARA) - President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) visited a market in Sota Sub-district, Merauke District, Papua Province, on Sunday after inaugurating the Sota cross-border post (PLBN).

As revealed by a written statement from the Press Bureau of the Presidential Secretariat, at the market which is one of the facilities around the Sota integrated cross-border post, Jokowi had a chance to talk to a female vendor.  

The President bought onions and bananas. When buying bananas, the President asked her about the price of a bunch of bananas.

"Five thousand," the vendor said to the President.

"I bought four, so all twenty thousand rupiah," the President said.

However, the President gave her one million Rupiah.

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"I bought a banana for Rp20,000. So how much is the return?" the President asked

"Thank you Mr. President," said the vendor who was greeted by the President's smile.

"Yes, thank you," the President said.

In addition to Sota Market, previously the President also took the time to review a number of cross-border post (PLBN) facilities such as the Indonesia-Papua New Guinea departure route and the Papua New Guinea-Indonesia arrival to Plaza Garuda.

In that place, he met a number of border crossers and took the time to chat with them for a while.

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