Kupang, E Nusa Tenggara (ANTARA) - Hundreds of teachers in Kupang City, East Nusa Tenggara, conducted tree planting activities in the commemoration of National Teacher's Day 2021 on Saturday.

The tree planting activities, which were followed by all school heads of elementary to junior high schools, were conducted at Nostalgia Park. Kupang Mayor, Jefri Riwu Kore, also attended the event.

Kore remarked that the tree planting activities must continue to be encouraged in the school environment and residential areas in order to motivate students as the nation's next generation to be more appreciative of the environment.

"In celebrating National Teacher's Day, these tree planting activities were executed by this group of teachers to motivate the students and young generation. Hence, while participating, they will feel encouraged to protect the environment," Kore said.

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The mayor also emphasized that not only students but also all elements of society should partake in the efforts to protect the environment for the sake of the next generation.

"Trees and plants can nurture the environment and produce oxygen that we breathe. Planting a tree may seem simple but this is what we inherit to our grandchildren for the sustainability of their lives," he explained.

Kore opined that an individual can be highly educated but it would be futile if he or she did not care about environmental sustainability.

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According to the mayor, planting trees is a form of awareness and care from all parties to protect the environment.

"Not wanting to take care of the environment is similar to preventing our grandchildren from enjoying healthy air and a beautiful environment," he affirmed.

The mayor also invited all sections of society to be active in the tree planting activities in their respective environment and nurture the already existing trees.

"We should not only plant but must also take care of the trees," Kore remarked during the event also attended by Kupang Head of the Education and Culture Office, Dumuliahi Djami.

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