Ministry lauds Serdang Bedagai for successful digital literacy drive

Ministry lauds Serdang Bedagai for successful digital literacy drive

Communication and Informatics Ministry lauded the Serdang Bedagai (Sergai) District Government, North Sumatra, for organizing the National Digital Literacy Movement.(ANTARA/HO)

Medan (ANTARA) - The Communication and Informatics Ministry praised the Serdang Bedagai (Sergai) district government, North Sumatra, for successfully organizing the National Digital Literacy Movement.

Serdang Bedagai District HeadDarma Wijaya stated in Seirampah on Saturday that his administration was grateful for having received the award from the ministry for successfully conducting digital literacy activities that commenced last May.

"Currently, we are working hand-in-hand to overcome the flood problem in several sub-districts. Honestly, the appreciation we received from the Communication and Information Technology Ministry, although not related to disaster mitigation, directly gave us motivation to continue to work as well as possible in all areas that are the responsibility of the government," he remarked.

Wijaya emphasized the importance of mastering digital literacy in daily activities. With this ability, several opportunities are open while preventing dire incidents from occurring, he remarked.

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The opportunities in question are specifically for MSME players. In the midst of a pandemic situation such as now, MSME players can consider digital media as a potential tool for marketing or promotion.

"Utilization of information and communication technology is something that is unavoidable for improving, of course, in addition to the quality of the product itself,” Wijaya added.

He also affirmed that the people can exercise greater caution in responding to increasingly rampant, varying, and sophisticated threats of crime as a means of preventing malicious occurrences.

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“Now, we see many who are victims of cybercrimes. One of them is the lack of digital literacy. The benefits of technology are so vital now in everyday life, so education and information should be expedited,” he reiterated.

Deputy Head of Serdang Bedagai District, Adlin Tambunan, stated that the level of enthusiasm for digital literacy in Sergai was testament to the fact that people were starting to realize the importance of technology skills.

"Thank God, digital literacy (program) initiated by the Communication and Information Technology Ministry in Sergai District went smoothly, and (it) was followed with great enthusiasm. Hopefully, the goals and benefits that are the basis for conducting this activity can be achieved and public interest in digital skills can flourish," he added.

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