Jakarta International Stadium opened to public until March 2022

Jakarta International Stadium opened to public until March 2022

Residents visiting the Jakarta International Stadium in North Jakarta on Friday (Jan 14, 2022). ANTARA/Ricky Prayoga.

Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Jakarta government-owned property company PT Jakarta Propertindo has decided to open the Jakarta International Stadium to the public to enable visitors to enjoy a first-hand experience of the new stadium in North Jakarta.

"We will open the stadium for the public, and we expect this to continue until March 2022," the company's project manager for the Jakarta International Stadium, Arry Wibowo, stated at the stadium ground in North Jakarta on Friday.

Wibowo confirmed that the facility will be open to the public until March 26, 2022, and the stadium's tour will be conducted according to time slots to maintain a cap on the visitor numbers at one time.

The visitors' restriction is deemed necessary due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and construction at some parts of the stadium is yet unfinished, he remarked.

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"We will divide the public tour into time slots to allow more residents to enjoy the new stadium, and we will first invite residents living closer to the stadium before opening the door to other residents. We are optimistic that the residents would visit and enjoy the new stadium," the project manager stated.

Despite the plan to open the stadium, constructed in line with the FIFA standard for international stadiums, to the public, Wibowo clarified that not all locations at the stadium will be accessible to the public.

Visitors will only be allowed to visit areas designated as green zones where wearing personal protective equipment prior to entry is not required, while areas demarcated as red zones -- where wearing personal protective equipment is required -- will not be opened for the public, Wibowo stated.

The Jakarta government is ready to conduct the soft launch of the Jakarta International Stadium in February 2022, as the progress in construction had reached 93.8 percent this month, he added. 

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