What must also be a concern in the digital transformation process is that we must pay attention to those who are isolated due to digital inequality.
Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Republic of Korea (South Korea) is committed to working with Indonesia to bridge the interests of developed and developing countries through the G20 forum, particularly in digital transformation.

Ambassador of South Korea to Indonesia, Park Tae-sung, made the remarks during a special interview with ANTARA on Friday (March 18, 2022).

"We are committed to working together with Indonesia to become a bridge between developing and developed countries in digital transformation. We view Indonesia as a valuable friendly country," he said.

As part of its G20 Presidency, Indonesia is committed to bringing the interests of developing countries to the forum of 20 major world economies, including in relation to digital transformation.

Therefore, digital transformation has been made one of the priorities of Indonesia’s G20 Presidency, in addition to global health recovery and the transition to sustainable energy.

"There are several things that can encourage digital transformation, namely the artificial intelligence sector, Big Data, 5G, and Industry 4.0," he said.

The South Korean ambassador also emphasized the importance of digital transformation, saying it can boost the productivity of companies and also bring about major changes to society and culture in a country.

However, he also emphasized that the digital transformation process needs to pay attention to the issue of inequality in digital infrastructure as well as digital literacy and capabilities among communities as well as countries.

"What must also be a concern in the digital transformation process is that we must pay attention to those who are isolated due to digital inequality," he pointed out.

Therefore, he said he believes that the G20 countries need to build a good digital inclusiveness system.

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"To overcome the problem of unemployment or job creation and to address the problems faced by micro, small, and medium enterprises and vulnerable groups (in realizing digital transformation), it is very important that we build digital inclusiveness. So, through this G20 (forum), we need to build a solid digital inclusiveness system," Ambassador Park remarked.

"South Korea is a developed country in the field of digital transformation. We can share our experiences with countries that need it in order to realize mutual prosperity," he added.

During the special interview, Ambassador Park also emphasized that the South Korean government is willing to support and cooperate with Indonesia for its successful G20 Presidency this year.

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Reporter: Yuni Arisandy Sinaga
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