We are grateful because this year's Eid allowance for ASNs is being given in full
Jakarta (ANTARA) - House of Representatives Speaker Puan Maharani, here on Wednesday, urged government officials to distribute the Eid al-Fitr allowance and the 13th salary to state civil apparatuses (ASNs) on time.

"We are grateful because this year's Eid allowance for ASNs is being given in full. This happy news must be responded to by every institution by distributing the allowance and the 13th salary to ASNs on time," she said.

The entire mechanism to disburse the allowance and the 13th salary to civil servants must start as soon as possible, she added.

According to the regulation, the Eid allowance and the 13th salary need to be given to civil servants, contract-based government employees (PPPK), police and military officers, government officials, and retirees.

The allowance must be paid starting 10 days before Eid al-Fitr, while the 13th salary must be given by July at the earliest.

Maharani asked the central government, regional governments, and institutions to expedite the preparation for the stipulation of the technical regulation for disbursing the Eid allowance and the 13th salary.

"We cannot be late, especially for regional government officials to immediately prepare regional head regulations so that the THR for the ASNs can immediately be disbursed," she said.

Each regional head will have to continue monitoring so that the disbursement can proceed smoothly and so that civil servants’ preparation to welcome Eid al-Fitr is not disrupted.

She then lauded the government, which has formulated a policy to provide additional aid to ASNs in the form of performance allowance. The additional allowance is aimed at improving purchasing power, which, in turn, is expected to encourage economic recovery.

"Of course, we also expect the nation's economic growth to improve," the speaker said.

There are 1.8 million ASNs and central retirees who will receive the 2022 THR, she informed.

Meanwhile, at the regional level, there are 3.7 million ASNs and 3.3 million retirees.

"Regions that have not allocated the THR and 13th salary budget must prepare for it in accordance with applicable conditions," the House Speaker said.

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Translator: Boyke Ledy W, Fadhli Ruhman
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