Jakarta (ANTARA) - A budget of Rp3.9 billion has been allocated for the free Eid homecoming and return transportation program covering routes in 17 districts and cities of five provinces in Java and Sumatra, the Jakarta Transportation Office informed.

"The budget is (supposed to be) for free homecoming in 2020, which, until 2021, was not implemented. In 2022, this activity was carried out with a fixed budget (Rp3.9 billion)," Jakarta Transportation Office Head Syafrin Liputo said here on Friday.

According to Liputo, the budget has been utilized for a series of free exodus programs, ranging from preparations, homecoming, and return services in Jakarta.

Under the Eid exodus services program, the Jakarta provincial government has dispatched more than 11 thousand travelers to 17 cities and districts, he informed.

Participants availed the free homecoming service to their destination and were provided snacks and drinks by the bus officer, he added.

Providing further details, Liputo said that Rp3.9 billion was allocated for disseminating information about the program at 13 points, checking drivers’ health at departure and return points, and registering exodus participants at six locations by officers.

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It also covered departure preparation at six points for motorcycles and buses, administration and reporting activities, the arrival of buses and trucks, the transportation of travelers' motorcycles to trucks by officers, and food for participants and others.

The budgeting for the free Eid homecoming and return transportation was also carried out based on the compliance principle approved by the Jakarta Regional House of Representatives (DPRD), Liputo said.

"We open the information as wide as possible for political parties and the media for accurate data citations so that there are no more errors in writing," he added.

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