Jakarta (ANTARA) - State-owned Healthcare and Social Security Agency (BPJS Kesehatan) cooperates with Bank Syariah Indonesia (BSI) to improve ease of access for National Health Insurance and Healthy Indonesia Card (JKN-KIS) members to pay subscription.

"Cooperation with BSI is the first form of cooperation that BPJS Kesehatan has forged with a sharia banking partner," the agency's Finance and Investment Director, Arief Witjaksono Juwono Putro, noted in a statement on Friday.

BSI, as the biggest sharia bank in Indonesia, plays a strategic role in the efforts to expand the JKN-KIS subscription payment channel and not just through the conventional banking channel.

"We expect that the auto debit service in BSI can be utilized as best as possible by all JKN-KIS members in Indonesia," he stated during the cooperation signing event on Thursday.

This cooperation is also expected to become a solution for Aceh's residents on account of the fact that the Aceh provincial government has implemented the Qanun Regional Regulation.

In accordance with the regulation, only sharia-based financial services are allowed to operate in Aceh.

Putro expects that the cooperation with BSI for providing the auto debit service also has a positive impact on the growth of JKN-KIS membership that had currently reaches more than 235 million people from the total population of Indonesia.

Moreover, it is expected to boost the collectability of subscription from the non-wage earner member segment.

"We thank BSI for having collectively maintained the sustainability of the JKN-KIS program," he remarked.

The cooperation for the auto debit service complements several collaborations that had been forged with BSI.

Some of these collaborations encompass Supply Infrastructure Financing (SIF), JKN Caring Public Funding Innovation Program, and other collaborations established to improve the quality of service to JKN-KIS stakeholders.

The method for JKN-KIS subscription auto debit registration is easy. JKN-KIS members only need to bring along documents, such as savings book and identity card, and fill the auto debit power of attorney to be handed to bank tellers, he explained.

Thereafter, the amount will automatically be debited from the JKN-KIS members' accounts on the fifth or 20th of every month.

The agency also proactively informs JKN-KIS members regarding the auto debit subscription payment method through the telecollection staff, he noted.

Moreover, the agency reminds JKN-KIS members to routinely check for sufficient money in their accounts to be debited, he stressed.

This effort facilitates members in paying for their subscription on time, increasing members' compliance, and supporting the sustainability of the JKN-KIS program.

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