Jakarta (ANTARA) - Indonesian temples embody the spirit of harmony in diversity as well as resilience, which have inspired Indonesia's G20 Presidency this year, Minister of Communications and Informatics, Johnny G. Plate, has said.

"Throughout history, Prambanan Temple continued facing major disasters, yet collaboration of communities (in various eras) has made the temple surpass those challenges and even has its significance grown till now," he noted during a gala dinner with the G20 Digital Economy Working Group (DEWG) delegates at Prambanan Temple, Sleman, Yogyakarta, according to information released on Thursday.

Of the hundreds of temples in Indonesia, the Buddhist Borobudur Temple and the Hindu Prambanan Temple are the most renowned, he said.

The close proximity of the two world-famous temples exhibits religious harmony among communities in Indonesia, the minister added.

The existence of temples in Indonesia, besides being an important cultural heritage for the nation, is also evidence of the Indonesian nation's resilience in facing challenges in various eras.

"The large number of temples in Indonesia is not only a panoramic beauty, but also a history in every temple construction and continuous renovation," Plate remarked.

The construction of the Prambanan Temple was initiated by Rakai Pikatan of the Medang Kingdom under the Sanjaya Dynasty in 830 AD, and successors of Rakai Pikatan continued to develop the temple complex, the minister said.

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As time went by, conflicts and disasters plagued the region, causing the temple to be abandoned. Despite the abandonment, the temple structure continued to stand, he added.

Plate expounded that since its rediscovery in the early 1700s, Prambanan Temple has continued to face challenges despite various efforts made by the government, scientific institutions, and members of the society to restore and reconstruct it. The latest major restoration project was conducted in 2009, a few years after the Yogyakarta earthquake of 2006, he added.

"We hope that during Indonesia's Presidency, we can also survive and thrive beyond these difficult times to achieve the Recover Together, Recover Stronger goal," the minister remarked.

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