Our people are sort of curious. If there is anything new, then they would come in packs
Purwokerto, Central Java (ANTARA) - Central Java Governor Ganjar Pranowo urged the Government of Banyumas to come up with new-fangled ways to promote tourism in that area.

Pranowo expressed awe at the sight of visitors thronging the Purwokerto Teratai Tower on which work was not yet complete. He delivered the statement while officiating the Mas Kemambang Park in Purwokerto, Banyumas, on Monday.

"Our people are sort of curious. If there is anything new, then they would come in packs. Hence, what is the key? New things," he stated.

The governor said it did not necessarily mean that they must keep building new things but rather they should focus on creating new innovations.

Pranowo stated that the innovations could be made by moving the image away or periodically changing the menu, so there would be new vibes each time.

New attractions should also be developed eventually. There should be changes in informatics technology in a period of every three months.

The governor stated that any new development in informatics technology could be released immediately in its entirety. However, each version was released, one by one, to ensure that the people kept using it.

That method was a marketing strategy in information technology, he added.

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"Same here if it ends up not being filled to the brim. I just remembered about my friend, main director of Ancol. They have an interesting marketing strategy," he stated.

He noted that every weekend, Ancol offered free entry for toddlers and children, so the place would still see an influx of visitors around that time.

Pranowo stated that it would be impossible for these children to come without adult supervision, and surely, they would arrive with their parents or guardians.

"Impossible for them to come without their parents. The ones we targeted are the parents, they pay, (spend money for) snacks, that strategy is interesting," he remarked.

The governor also called on the management to install wireless network connection in the Kemambang Mas Park, as nowadays, people worked while vacationing.

Head of Banyumas District, Achmad Husein, stated that Mas Kemambang Park, which was the further development of Bale Kemambang Park, was opened in May 2022.

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"Thank God, this (park) has generated regional income. Yesterday, in just one day, from three locations, being Baturraden Tourist Place, Mas Kemambang Park, and Teratai Monument, it collected Rp183 million (US$12,226)," he revealed.

During holidays, the three tourism sites could generate Rp400 million (US$26,725), he said. On any other day, they collected around Rp60 million (US$4,008) to Rp 80 million (US$5,345).

The park would be improved further through the development of new attractions on nine hectares of land owned by the Banyumas government, he stated.

"If more is developed, then there will be new attractions every month, which can pique the interest of visitors to come here. May all of them run well and be a blessing for the Banyumas people and us as a whole," he concluded.

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Translator: Sumarwoto, Mecca Yumna
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