Army provides health facilities to BKKBN for stunting reduction

Army provides health facilities to BKKBN for stunting reduction

BKKBN's Head Hasto Wardoyo (left) and Indonesian Army Chief of Staff General Dudung Abdurrachman (right). (ANTARA/HO-BKKBN/FR)

Jakarta (ANTARA) - Officials of the Indonesian Army (TNI AD) offer various health facilities to support the National Population and Family Planning Agency's (BKKBN's) efforts to expedite reduction of the stunting prevalence rate in Indonesia.

"We came as a follow up on the inauguration of General Dudung as Ambassador for Stunting Children," Indonesian Army's Health Center Head, Major General Purwo Setyanto, noted through a written statement on Saturday.

All facilities in the Indonesian Army can be utilized for the handling of stunting and poor nutrition. In addition, the army will discuss concrete actions that should be undertaken.

The Indonesian Army currently has at least 48 hospitals, 468 clinics, and first-level health facilities as well as 583 integrated health posts (Posyandus), he stated.

These health facilities can be utilized to help the agency reduce stunting prevalence as well as to serve as stunting prevention education centers for families.

In addition, every village affiliated non-commissioned officers (Babinsas) will be mobilized to collect data on the condition of the family and infants as well as provide aid to children suffering from stunting even to remote regions, he noted.

However, he urged the BKKBN to provide training or education first concerning the dangers of stunting as well as the difference between stunting and other diseases.

"It is easy for us to find harelip or cataract patients. It takes knowledge to know whether a child has stunting," he stated.

BKKBN's Head, Hasto Wardoyo, stated that the agency will provide complete data on families at risk of stunting to Babinsas to facilitate their field work. The data is sorted by name and address.

He expects other ministries or institutions to follow the Indonesian Army's example to accelerate efforts to achieve the national stunting reduction target of 14 percent in 2024.

Families at risk of stunting usually live in slum houses, with no latrines and clean water. The couple in the family is also at a fertile age, he pointed out.

Earlier, the agency had inaugurated Indonesian Army Chief of Staff General Dudung Abdurrachman as Ambassador for Stunting Children to bolster synergy and accelerate stunting rate reduction on Wednesday.

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