Jakarta (ANTARA) - Nahdlatul Ulama Executive Board (PBNU) Chairperson, K.H. Yahya Cholil Staquf, met Saudi Arabia's Islamic Affairs, Sermon, and Counseling Minister, Sheikh Abdul Latif bin Abdul Aziz Al-Sheikh, to discuss cooperation in overcoming terrorism for world peace.

The discussion took place at Minister Al-Sheikh's house in Nursultan, Kazakhstan, on the sidelines of activities of the Congress of World Leaders and Traditional Religions that were attended by over 100 religious figures from 60 countries.

"NU will be cooperating with the Ministry of Islamic Affairs of Saudi Arabia to reach a consensus on developing a better future between the Muslim community, society, and countries in the world through substantial and sustainable solutions to the problems of terrorism and extremism," Staquf noted in a press statement received here, Saturday.

Furthermore, he emphasized that fanatical, terrorist, and extremist groups were not only limited to the Muslim community and the Islamic world but also extended to the entire mankind and the global community. Thus, everyone is responsible for jointly finding solutions to such matters.

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He also lauded efforts made by the Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Sermon, and Counseling of Saudi Arabia in spreading the message of religious moderation and fighting extremism.

Staquf affirmed that Saudi Arabia is the most important country in the Islamic world owing to its dedicated positive output to the world community. Hence, Staquf highlighted NU's seriousness to learn from Saudi Arabia's experiences in spreading religious moderation and fighting extremism and terrorism.

"NU is interested in establishing positive and constructive cooperation with the Saudi Arabian government for the benefit of the Indonesian people," he stated.

On the same occasion, Minister Al-Sheikh shed light on various serious measures taken by the Saudi Arabian government for realizing security and peace as well as catering to the common interests of all people worldwide. He noted that Saudi Arabia is fighting terrorism seriously as part of the government's commitment to spreading the idea of religious moderation.

"The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is like the head of the Islamic body, targeting us that means targeting all Muslims in the world," he stated.

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