Synergy can be a determining factor for the success (of the program).
Padang, W Sumatra (ANTARA) - The National Population and Family Planning Agency’s (BKKBN’s) Representative Office in West Sumatra Province invited local people to actively partake in establishing Quality Family Villages (Kampung KB).

Head of BKKBN’s representative office Fatmawati stated here on Tuesday that the Quality Family Village was one of the forms of community participation in national development programs.

"Synergy can be a determining factor for the success (of the program)," she remarked.

Fatmawati noted that the classification of Quality Family Villages -- starting from the basic stage, developing stage, independent stage, as well as sustainable stage -- is set on the basis of inputs, outputs, and development process of each village.

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Presidential Instruction Number 3 of 2022 on Optimizing the Implementation of Quality Family Villages serves as a legal basis to strengthen implementation of the program and cross-sectoral involvement to ensure success of the program.

The official noted that the BKKBN -- as one of the institutions that is mandated to facilitate implementation of the program -- along with the local governments strives to transform all nagari or traditional villages, villages, and sub-districts in the province into Quality Family Villages.

The program aims to develop independent, peaceful, and happy families as well as to support stunting reduction attempts by fulfilling the nutritional needs of families at risk of stunting by providing local food assistance, she noted.

"Cross-sectoral collaboration -- including nutritionists, PKK (Family Welfare Development) cadres, sub-districts (governments), and (heads of) nagari or traditional villages -- has an important role (in running this program)," she remarked.

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Meanwhile, Presidential Regulation Number 72 of 2021 on Acceleration of Stunting Reduction serves as a legal basis for BKKBN along with related stakeholders to conduct various forms of coordination, synergy, and synchronization with policy makers.

The BKKBN has readied a national strategy for accelerating stunting reduction, as outlined in the National Action Plan for the Acceleration of Stunting Reduction in Indonesia (RAN PASTI) for 2021-2024.

"RAN PASTI strengthens various aspects as well as regulations (of the stunting reduction program), including strategic policies required to seek a convergence in stunting reduction planning and budgeting, both from the central and regional governments, along with the other stakeholders," Fatmawati added.

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