Tanjungpinang, Riau Islands (ANTARA) - Youth living in regions and islands must not feel inferior to those living in the cities, Governor of Riau Islands, Ansar Ahmad, has said.

"Never feel inferior that we live in islands. We will prove that there will be many young people of Riau Islands who can contribute at the national level," he remarked at the 2022 Youth Pledge Day commemoration ceremony at Tanjungpinang Regional Building on Friday.

He said he believes that the abilities of Riau Islands children who live in the islands area are not inferior to those of children living in cities.

Therefore, he urged the province’s youth to continue to develop their potential.

Anyone can succeed, including island residents, as long as they have the determination and willpower to keep learning and striving to achieve their goals, he stressed.

He emphasized that the future of the Indonesian nation relies on the younger generation, and when the time comes, they must be able to lead the Indonesian nation and Riau Islands to make them better.

"We have to be confident. Everyone has the same opportunity to move forward," Ahmad added.

Furthermore, the governor has invited the youth to unite amid differences and work toward making Indonesia a great and developed nation.

The youth must always be serious about building an independent, sovereign, united, just, and prosperous Indonesia amid the dynamic conditions, he said.

"This is our determination to continue the struggle for independence, realize ideals at this time, and all time," he added.

The youth are not only crucial actors for building the nation's resilience and realizing the great vision of Golden Indonesia 2045, but also the backbone of the nation's glory, he said.

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