Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Ministry of Women's Empowerment and Child Protection is buoyant about women-operated micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) surviving amid the recession projected to occur in 2023.

"I believe that women will be the saviors for their families and this nation," the ministry's Assistant Deputy for Gender Mainstreaming in the Economic Sector, Eni Widiyanti, stated at a national webinar on "Optimizing Women's Potential in Entrepreneurship with a Gender Perspective” here, Tuesday.

Widiyanti remarked that despite the recession in 2020, Indonesia survived the economic decline through contributions by MSMEs in bolstering economic recovery.

"During the onset of the COVID-19 (pandemic) in 2020 -- when a lot of workers were being laid off -- those who rescued the families were the wives, who were earlier merely housewives, who had no involvement in economic activities, who rose (to the occasion)," Widiyanti expounded.

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On account of the Indonesian women's huge potential, the ministry is committed to empowering women in the economic sector, she remarked.

Widiyanti noted that so far, the ministry had invited various parties to help empower the women's economy and assist women-operated MSMEs, including UN Women, non-governmental organizations, and the private sector.

She pointed out that the "Sekoper Cinta" (Women's School to Achieve Dreams) women empowerment program in West Java has been organized in cooperation with the South Korean government.

Widiyanti said that women, who are empowered economically, could be the solution to issues plaguing Indonesian women and children.

"The key is to improve women's empowerment in the entrepreneurship sector," she remarked.

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Meanwhile, the ministry's Deputy for gender equality, Lenny N. Rosalin, stated that equal participation of women and men was key for the welfare of a nation.

Based on an analysis by the McKinsey Global Institute, Indonesia can increase its gross domestic product (GDP) by US$135 billion annually by 2025 if women's economic participation is increased, Rosalin stated.

To this end, efforts to empower women in the economic field should be strengthened, she stated.

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