Cibinong, West Java (ANTARA) - The Bogor District Government, West Java Province, is upbeat about the Pongkor National Geopark being inscribed on the UNESCO Global Geoparks (UGGp) List next year.

The Pongkor National Geopark was ready to follow seven geoparks in Indonesia -- the Batur Geopark, Sewu Mountains Geopark, Ciletuh Geopark, Mount Rinjani Geopark, Lake Toba Geopark, Belitong Geopark and Maros Pangkep Geopark -- that have been recognized by UNESCO, Acting Bogor District Head Iwan Setiawan stated here on Monday.

To support the application for Pongkor to become a member of UGGp, the Bogor District Government formed a Pongkor Geopark Information Center (PGIC) and inaugurated the 2022-2025 Management Board for the Pongkor National Geopark Area and the 2022 Pongkor National Geopark Forum in Tamansari Sub-district, Bogor, on Nov 30, 2022.

Pongkor Geopark was inaugurated four years ago, or since November 2018, and is one of the existing 12 national geoparks in Indonesia.

The geopark has huge tourism potential and is an advantage for Bogor District, covering 15 sub-districts and comprising 10 geosites, 43 geo/bio/cultural heritage sites, and 15 tourist attractions.

It is an earth park formed naturally, not artificially.

The Bogor District Government is ready to mobilize human resources to synergize with the Provincial Government, Central Government, the Perhutani (Forestry) Forum, National Parks, and Antam Pongkor to support the Pongkor Geopark to be inscribed on the UGGp List.

"We synergize together. If we dream together, we can make it come true, like dawn in the morning. Hopefully, in 2023, this geopark would be recognized as a UGGp," he remarked.

He urged village chiefs and sub-district heads to help educate people to support tourism in Bogor District, with Pongkor Geopark as one of the main tourist destinations.

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