Cianjur, West Java (ANTARA) - The Cianjur district government in West Java is targeting to start learning activities in areas affected by the recent earthquake from next Monday (December 19, 2022).

Schools whose buildings are in good condition will be allowed to start immediately, while schools with damaged buildings will need to hold classes in emergency tents.

As many as 540 schools have been affected by the earthquake, Cianjur district head Herman Suherman informed. Most of them have been heavily damaged, thus tents for classrooms are needed to support learning activities.

“Currently, there are only about a hundred tents that have been fulfilled. There are still a lot of tents needed for classrooms in schools that were damaged. Some schools that were lightly damaged have started to undergo a normal teaching and learning process since this week," he informed in Cianjur on Thursday.

He said that learning activities must be carried out promptly to ensure that students do not lose out on quality education. Earlier, students had undergone online teaching and learning amid the pandemic.

"I want Cianjur residents to get back to normal life immediately, especially with education. Construction will be carried out for severely damaged schools, however, tents for classrooms will be built temporarily," Suherman added.

While learning activities are targeted to be resumed on December 19 or next week, his administration has noted that many schools have started learning activities this week because their buildings have only suffered minor damage.

"We are trying to find tents for severely damaged schools. We need more than 100 tents for classrooms. We hope that there will be donors who can help with the tents," he added.

The earthquake that rattled the Cianjur district area on November 21 killed 602 people and caused serious damage to 25,186 houses, moderate damage to 12,496 houses, and minor damage to 20,367 houses, according to government data.

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Translator: Ahmad Fikri, Resinta S
Editor: Sri Haryati
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