Pati, Central Java (ANTARA) - Minister of Social Affairs Tri Rismaharini on Friday afternoon boarded an inflatable boat to distribute logistical assistance to flood-isolated residents of Poncomulyo, Gaudero Village, Pati dlDistrict, Central Java.

"Yesterday, I received information that this area in Pati is isolated and has not received assistance, so I have come to this place," the minister said here on Friday.

Due to the flood, road access to Poncomulyo hamlet was cut off. To reach the area, the minister and her entourage crossed swamps and inundated rice fields, where the water depth reached three meters, on an inflatable boat.

According to Rismaharini, flood-handling assistance has been distributed to several regions in Central Java, including Semarang city, and Kudus, Batang, and Pekalongan districts.

The minister took assistance in the form of logistics and toys for children in the isolated village.

The distribution of assistance for flood evacuees in Pati has been centralized at the Pati District Head's Office, while public kitchens have been prepared at the Pati District Social Affairs Office and the Margo Laras Social Center in Pati.

The head of Gadudero Village, Agus Yulianto, informed that around 600 hectares of agricultural land was affected by the flood. Road access to the village was cut off, thus isolating the village for seven days, he said.

In addition, it was reported that 1,026 residents were affected by the flood, and 30 houses and several public facilities were submerged in floodwaters.

"Here (the flood) can happen for months. In 2013–2014, (the flood lasted) for five months. We are grateful for the Social Minister's help," Yulianto said.

For handling the flood in Pati, the Ministry of Social Affairs has sent logistical assistance consisting of 2 thousand instant food packages, 468 instant seasoning packages, 1,500 children's food packages, 300 blankets, and 300 mattresses.

The assistance has also included 300 baby clothing packages, 300 adult clothing packages, 1,080 packages of menstrual pads, two portable electric generators, and three evacuation boats.

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