Jakarta (ANTARA) - Investment Minister Bahlil Lahadalia assured that Government Regulation in lieu of law (Perppu) No. 2 of 2022 on Job Creation was issued by the government for the sake of national development.

Lahadalia said he did not ponder much over the issues sparked from that initiative.

"I do not understand these people. They have not read it yet, but they already claimed that it is not suitable. What do they want? In this life, we cannot satisfy others 100 percent, so never expect perfection in humans, but do remember that we are thinking for national development and to create more jobs," the minister stated at an event titled "Economic Challenges: Ambition for Investment Amid Recession," accessed here on Wednesday.

Protest against the regulation in a democratic country, such as Indonesia, was allowed, he remarked. However, the government would still follow through with the regulation to maintain national economic conditions during the time of global turmoil, the minister remarked.

"Hence, if one or two are still protesting, well, so be it. Since this is a democratic country, just let them be. We will keep going on because we are ensuring availability of the job market, bringing Indonesia's economy towards betterment, and that is the government's targets," he remarked.

He said the decision to declare the Job Creation Law as unconstitutional and replacing it with the newer government regulation was a bold move from President Joko Widodo to conduct reform in regulation.

"Because, let us be honest, we are so good at making laws but inept at the execution of law. Thus, 79 laws were simplified, what is known as Omnibus Law, Job Creation Law," he pointed out.

Although the Job Creation Law had been deemed unconstitutional by the Constitutional Court, the achievements in investment in Indonesia as of late were owing to the law during its time of being implemented, Lahadalia pointed out.

"Our investment growth went, from Rp700 trillion (US$45 billion) to Rp817 trillion (US$52.7 billion). Now, God willing, can reach Rp1,200 trillion. That is the impact of the Job Creation Law," the minister explained.

The government targets investment realization in 2022 to reach Rp1,200 trillion (US$77 billion). As for 2023, they aim to cap investment at Rp1,400 trillion (US$90.3 billion).

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Translator: Ade Irma Juanda, Mecca Yumna
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