Praya, Central Lombok (ANTARA) - The Manpower Ministry reported that to date, 3,757 community vocational training centers (BLK) had been established across all provinces in Indonesia.

"Community vocational training centers that have been established until 2022 amount to 3,757," Manpower Minister Ida Fauziyah noted at the inauguration of the community vocational training center in the Darek Nahdlatul Ulama Manhalul Ma'arif Islamic Boarding School in Central Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, on Friday.

The training center is officiated by Vice President Ma'ruf Amin.

Speaking in connection with the classification of community training centers, Fauziyah elaborated that 1,752 training centers were categorized as growing since they had obtained permit and trainings, while 876 training centers were categorized as developing, as they had established some networks.

"Training centers that have produced goods and services were categorized as independent, with their number reaching 283," the minister explained.

After facing the COVID-19 pandemic, the national economic growth was steady at the rate exceeding five percent, she noted. Several sectors, including manpower, have shown more activity. After having once experienced a setback, the job market thrives yet again.

"One of the biggest challenges of the manpower sector is the everchanging job market," Minister Fauziyah pointed out.

The ministry pursues efforts to conduct innovation, both in terms of the technical aspect of community training centers' development as well as their curriculum development.

"The community training centers are expected to meet the current demands of the business sector and industries," she stated.

The minister also expected these training centers to host coaching programs that are aligned with their respective regional potentials, so as to increase public interest in entrepreneurship, and in turn, push down the poverty rate.

"Manpower Ministry's four programs, particularly in the Mandalika Special Economic Zone, are apprenticeship, ready-to-work sites, independent workforce, and expediting area-based job opportunities," she stated.

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Translator: Akhyar Rosidi, Mecca Yumna
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