Kupang (ANTARA) - East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) Governor Viktor Bungtilu Laiskodat stated that the people of NTT felt a sense of immense pride on having Labuan Bajo in West Manggarai serve as host for the ASEAN Summit 2023.

"We are grateful that NTT Province has been entrusted to become the host for the ASEAN Summit 2023 that will be held in Labuan Bajo on May 5-12. This activity has a big impact on the economic development of the people of NTT," Governor Viktor Bungtilu Laiskodat stated in Kupang, Wednesday.

Laiskodat said the ASEAN Summit 2023, which took place in Labuan Bajo, the western tip of Flores Island, was a matter of pride for the people of this island-based province, as it was the first time that NTT had become a host for an international meeting, so this area would become increasingly well-known throughout the world.

"This is an honor for all of us because we have the trust of President Joko Widodo. This is very extraordinary because usually, the venues for holding international events like that are only in Jakarta and Bali, but this time, it is being held in the Province of NTT," Governor Viktor Bungtilu Laiskodat stated.

The governor noted that the momentum of the ASEAN Summit 2023 must be utilized as best as possible to introduce NTT to the world since many officials and heads of state from various countries have visited Labuan Bajo that has been designated as a super premium tourist area.

He instructed all regional apparatus leaders in NTT to create a video by praising the content and thanking President Joko Widodo for encouraging and entrusting Labuan Bajo as the host for the ASEAN Summit 2023.

"We ask each regional apparatus organization to make and publish a video with the content of appreciation and gratitude to Mr President Joko Widodo, who helped encourage and entrust Labuan Bajo as the host for the ASEAN Summit 2023 and also welcome the guests, who came to also enjoy the natural and cultural beauty of East Nusa Tenggara Province," the governor remarked.

He also expressed optimism that the employees, who appear in the video made for the ASEAN Summit 2023, would wear complete traditional clothing from various regions throughout NTT to promote its cultural excellence and tourism assets.

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