The hybrid solar eclipse phenomenon is a quite rare phenomenon.
Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Meteorology, Climatology, and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) appealed to the public to not watch the hybrid solar eclipse without special devices, as it could damage their eyes.

"Do not look directly at (the sun during) the eclipse, (because) solar radiation can damage our eyes. Wear special glasses that use filters to see the sun," Deputy for Geophysics at BMKG Suko Prayitno Adi emphasized here on Thursday.

Adi explained that a hybrid solar eclipse is a phenomenon during which both total and annular solar eclipse occur sequentially at one time.

"The hybrid solar eclipse phenomenon is a quite rare phenomenon," he noted.

The deputy said that total solar eclipse could be observed in Biak Island, Papua Province, and Kisar Island, Maluku Province, on April 20, 2023.

He noted that the initial contact of the total solar eclipse on Kisar Island was estimated to occur at 11.47.17 Eastern Indonesia Standard Time (WIT).

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Furthermore, the second contact, the peak, the third contact, and the final contact of the eclipse were projected to occur at 13.22.24 WIT, at 13.22.56 WIT, at 13.23.29 WIT, as well as at 14.57.49 WIT, respectively.

Meanwhile, on Biak Island, the initial contact of the total solar eclipse was expected to take place at 12.20.46 WIT, and then followed by the second contact at 13.56.42 WIT, the peak at 13.57.13 WIT, the third contact at 13.57.44 WIT, as well as the final contact at 15.26.14 WIT.

"The duration of the peak of the eclipse on Kisar Island will be one minute and five seconds, while the duration of the peak of the eclipse in Biak is one minute and two seconds," Adi noted.

He remarked that a hybrid solar eclipse contains all three areas of the moon's shadow: antumbra, penumbra, and umbra.

People in the areas where the moon's antumbra falls can experience an annular solar eclipse, while the community living in areas covered by the penumbra can watch a partial solar eclipse, the deputy stated.

"Furthermore, in other areas where the umbra is cast, the observed phenomenon will be a total solar eclipse," he added.

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