Palangka Raya, C Kalimantan (ANTARA) - The Central Kalimantan government said that it expected the Lawang Sakepeng attraction competition on Friday to motivate the younger generation to preserve local cultural heritage.

"Through this Lawang Sakepeng competition, we hope to introduce the uniqueness of Central Kalimantan's cultural arts to the public as well as invite the young people to maintain and develop their cultural heritage," head of the judges' panel at the competition, Wilbertus, said here on Friday.

Lawang Sakepeng is often performed during traditional ceremonies to welcome guests of honor or at wedding receptions.

It not only involves agile physical movements, but also holds deep spiritual and symbolic meanings.

Lawang Sekepeng originated from the Dayak Ngaju tribe of Central Kalimantan. "Lawang" means a door or archway and "sakepeng" means one or a piece.

The competition was divided into the men’s and women’s categories and was attended by participants from districts/cities across Central Kalimantan.

The participants came from Kapuas, Pulang Pisau, Gunung Mas, Katingan, South Barito, East Barito, Murung Raya, East Kotawaringin, Lamandau, and Palangka Raya City.

Wilbertus said that the participants showed off their skills by moving their bodies according to the movements of Lawang Sakepeng.

The judges assessed them based on their punctuality, team cohesiveness, expression, costume, the kambangan (flower) technique, and physical endurance.

Wilbertus was one of the two judges at the competition.

"Participants are allowed to bring three musical instrument players that are identical to their respective regions, each team's performance being 5–7 minutes," he said.

The first place in the men's category was won by a team from Pulang Pisau, the second place by a team from Katingan, and the third by a team from Palangka Raya.

In the women's category, first place was won by the Murung Raya team, followed by the Lamandau team and the Gunung Mas team.

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