Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Education, Culture, Research, and Technology Ministry has said that Borobudur Temple in Magelang, Central Java, lacks interesting attractions for entertaining visitors.

"If we pay attention to that place, everyone just revolves around the temple because there are no other attractions, and it is currently the main issue with Borobudur," director general of culture at the ministry, Hilmar Farid, said at the Katadata Insight Center, as observed from here on Thursday.

If visitors take a closer look, Borobudur Temple's selling point not only lies in its structure, but also the 80 hectares of land surrounding it, he pointed out. Yet despite the vast area, there are no interesting attractions or events to entertain visitors before they go to the temple, Farid added.

He cited a KataData survey conducted from March 21 to April 18, 2023, in which 86 percent of the 2,191 respondents said they were casual travelers who were seeking entertainment, thrilling experiences, ways for relieving stress, and searching for new adventures.

The remaining 14 percent of the tourists said that they wanted to explore the area’s historical and cultural heritage, learn about its culture and way of life, and to meet new people, he added.

The lack of attractions is causing visitors to walk up to the temple and see the sights offered from different angles, take selfies, and circle around the temple to look at the reliefs, he informed.

This is leading to many people piling into one place, risking damage to the temple, he noted.

According to Presidential Regulation Number 58 of 2014 about spatial planning for the Borobudur area and its surroundings, the temple's area spans from Magelang, Purworejo, to Kulonprogo, he elaborated.

Farid opined that if such a vast area is equipped with interesting attractions, tourists will be spread all over the place, and they would be made aware of Borobudur's beauty and find what they seek.

He said that whatever the prospective attractions might be, the management must take the temple's maintenance and upkeep into account.

He informed that the government is still studying the appropriate attractions that could meet people's needs while also paying attention to the temple's condition.

The policy that will be made will be based on real data, as it will impact the duration of tourists' visits and the money that they spend, he added.

"I think it will be very helpful to start thinking about a more solid policy about Borobudur management, as well as Borobudur Temple Area, in a better manner," Farid said.

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Translator: Hreeloita Dharma S, Mecca Yumna
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