Jakarta (ANTARA) - National health insurer BPJS Kesehatan has started covering COVID-19 treatment for the participants of the National Health Insurance (JKN) program starting September 1, 2023.

"As of September 1, 2023, treatment services for COVID-19 patients will shift to the JKN mechanism. It is financed independently by the community, in accordance with statutory provisions," assistant deputy for public communications and public relations of BPJS Health, Agustian Fardianto, said in a statement on Monday.

While the pandemic period in Indonesia was declared to have ended on June 21, the cost of COVID-19 treatment was still being borne by the government through the Ministry of Health as the main provider of services.

"The policy was declared to end on August 31, 2023, and thereafter, all administration and verification of claims related to services will be managed by BPJS Health, following the technical instructions that have been established," Fardianto added.

He informed that BPJS Health is currently providing insurance at health facilities for JKN participants who need health services related to COVID-19, including patients who need inpatient treatment in hospitals.

For emergency cases, participants can immediately seek treatment at the nearest health facility, including those that have not collaborated with BPJS Health, he said.

"The services cover all aspects, starting from individual promotive-preventive services to curative and rehabilitative services according to medical indications," Fardianto explained.

He assured that JKN participants will not be charged additional fees for the service.

People who are self-isolating can also carry out teleconsultations via the JKN Mobile Application with doctors at the first-level health facility (FKTP) where they are registered and can be referred according to medical indications, he added.

Meanwhile, he informed that the provision of medicines, vaccines, and the implementation of COVID-19 vaccination will remain the responsibility of the central government, with their distribution regulated by regional governments.

According to him, the entire mechanism is a follow-up to Presidential Decree Number 17 of 2023 concerning Determining the End of the Status of the COVID-19 Pandemic in Indonesia and Minister of Health Regulation Number 23 of 2023 concerning Guidelines for Handling COVID-19.

"BPJS Health always supports the COVID-19 health service guarantee mechanism to achieve a healthier community," Fardianto said.

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