Jakarta (ANTARA) - Eleven high-school students suspectedly involved in robbery and intended brawl in western Jakarta may be subject to Law on Child Criminal Justice System (Law No. 11/2012) if actions repeat, the Indonesian Child Protection Commission warned.

The National Commission for Child Protection (Komnas PA) urged the 11 teenagers to not engage in such actions again to avoid the criminal justice system, Komnas PA acting head, Lia Latifah, stated in a response to journalists' questions on Monday (October 2).

The age of the suspects ranges from 15 to 17 years old.

The commission had briefed the students and their parents regarding the matter, and they agreed to comply with the rules by signing letters of agreement, she remarked.

The letters, which stipulate that the students will not repeat those actions and that they will face penalties if they do, were also signed by leaders of communities and village administrations they reside in, according to Latifah.

"Hence, all of them, parents, the 11 students, RT and RW (community leaders), and the village administrations have signed the agreement," she remarked.

Latifah noted that the commission will also pay a visit to schools where the 11 students go in order to remind the pupils of the importance of staying away from trouble, including robbery and brawl.

It will also educate parents that they need to practice vigilance on how their children carry out their activities, according to Latifah.

She disclosed the fact that several parents unintentionally neglect their children.

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"When I asked the parents if they knew that their children had carried sharp weapons to school, they said no they didn't and neither did they if the children carried sharp rulers," she pointed out.

The police, on Saturday (September 16), arrested eight teenagers suspected of committing robbery on Bandengan Utara Street in Tambora Sub-district, West Jakarta, a day earlier, at around 12:00 WIB (Indonesian Western Time Zone).

The victim was identified as ARA, a 15-year-old student of vocational high school SMK Perkumpulan Sekolah Kristen Djakarta (PSKD) in Penjaringan Sub-district, according to Tambora Police Chief Putra Pratama.

The suspects, who are all students of the vocational high school SMK Bhara Trikora in Grogol Petamburan Sub-district, snatched away a hand phone as well as a motorcycle that the victim was riding on when the incident occurred, Pratama remarked.

A week later, the police arrested three teenagers belonging to a group of students of PSKD, who had intended to take revenge on the SMK Bhara Trikora students over the robbery on Thursday (September 19) midday in the Jembatan Lima vicinity in Tambora.

"They roamed the area carrying sharp weapons, looking for SMK Bhara Trikora students for retaliation," the Tambora police chief remarked.

Eight of the 11 students were reunited with their parents on Monday, as they are believed to not have been directly involved in the robbery or brawl.

The remaining three of them are still in the custody of the Tambora Police Sector in West Jakarta.

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