Soldiers must not engage in practical politics or become political tools of any group or party.
Jakarta (ANTARA) - It is hoped that the new Army Chief of Staff General Agus Subiyanto can ensure the force's neutrality in the political year, Speaker of the House of Representatives (DPR) Puan Maharani has said.

"I hope General Agus Subiyanto can keep his officials neutral in the upcoming legislative election and presidential election. Make sure that none of the Army soldiers are involved in practical politics," she added here on Wednesday.

She said that if Army soldiers are found committing violations, particularly if they are engaging in practical politics, they will need to be given sanctions.

"Soldiers must not engage in practical politics or become political tools of any group or party. The new chief needs to ensure that all soldiers understand the role of the Indonesian Military (TNI) in supporting the democratic system in Indonesia and do not engage in practical politics," she added.

To that end, Maharani asked all Army soldiers to work professionally while helping to maintain the security of next year's elections, so that the democratic event can take place in a conducive manner throughout the country.

"I believe General Agus Subiyanto is an exemplary leader who can set an example for all Army soldiers to uphold neutrality in realizing a peaceful and joyful election for the community," she said.

She also asked the new Army chief of staff to give a careful briefing to soldiers so that they can understand the technicalities of their duties when on the field.

"The new Army chief of staff has a very important role in realizing neutral and qualified soldiers. Hopefully, General Subiyanto's leadership will be key in maintaining the neutrality of soldiers and the integrity of the nation," she said.

She further said she believes that the Army, under the leadership of the former Presidential Security Detail (Paspampres) commander, would give its best service to the people of Indonesia.

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