Jakarta (ANTARA) - Chairman of the National Family Planning Coordinating Board (BKKBN) Hasto Wardoyo stated that optimizing the demographic bonus can guarantee the welfare of teenagers when Indonesia enters the aging population period in 2035.

"Today's teenagers will be responsible in 2035 for supporting their grandparents, who at that time are in the aging population period, and that is when we close the demographic bonus. Therefore, through the planning generation forum (Genre), children's forum, OSIS forum, we need to unite to optimize the demographic bonus," Wardoyo noted in an official statement in Jakarta, Monday.

Wardoyo made the remarks during the opening of the 2023 Indonesia Ambassador Appreciation and Jambore for the National Creativity Event for the Planning Generation (Adujaknas Genre) on Sunday (Oct 29) in Semarang, Central Java.

The BKKBN chairman remarked that optimizing the demographic bonus could be achieved by strengthening the quality of children and teenagers. Hence, to this end, the BKKBN is collaborating with the Ministry of Women's Empowerment and Child Protection (KemenPPPA) and the Semarang City Government, Central Java, in the Adujaknas Genre program to produce quality teenagers.

"When we meet teenagers, young people, it feels like our hearts want the highest level of respect. (It is) because, in the next 10-20 years, the children of the planning generation (Genre) will become governors, ministers, DPR, (and) even president. Hence, if I were to (be) meeting them from the Genre forum, children's forum, or OSIS forum, I feel like I want to have the highest respect because you are all my future leaders," Wardoyo explained.

Wardoyo emphasized that children and teenagers, who are members of the forums, have extraordinary abilities while admitting to feeling a sense of pride over the forums that were formed, as they have raised optimism for achieving a prosperous Indonesia in 2045.

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"That is the Genre forum, the children's forum, our OSIS forum whose minds are extraordinarily brilliant. Therefore, we are optimistic that the existence of Genre will bring a brighter and more prosperous future for Indonesia. This is our Genre, the proportion of our population of children of the Genre age, school children, and teenagers are the biggest," he remarked.

The Genre Program is a character development forum that teaches teenagers to stay away from early marriage, pre-marital sex, as well as narcotics, psychotropics and addictive substances in order to create teenagers, with fortitude, who can contribute to nation building.

Through the Genre ambassadors, the dissemination of information and promotion of family resilience programs will be more effective, as communication is carried out with an approach from, by, and for teenagers.

Apart from the Duta Genre, one of the capacity development media for Indonesian teenagers is the Youth Information and Counseling Center (PIK-R), as well as the 2023 Adujaknas Genre jamboree aimed at fostering togetherness and a sense of enthusiasm among teenagers as well as being a forum for exchanging information and experiences about implementation of the Genre program.

Adujaknas Genre Indonesia 2023 is an annual event that is regularly held to bring together teenagers, who are members of PIK-R and select youth figures, in the age bracket of 16-22 years, who will become model youth spokespersons for the BKKBN in increasing the teens' understanding of the planned generation and triad programs on adolescent reproductive health covering aspects of sexuality, HIV/AIDS, and drugs.

The program also aims to guide teenagers through five transitions in teen life, starting from continuing their education; building a career; building a small, happy, and prosperous family; as well as adopting a healthy lifestyle; and socializing with the community.

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