Jakarta (ANTARA) - As part of an effort to optimize Operation Mantap Brata to secure Indonesia's 2024 General Elections, the National Police (Polri) held a strategy exercise for more than one thousand personnel.

In a statement received here on Monday, head of Polri's public information bureau, Brigadier General Ahmad Ramadhan, said that the training was held to strengthen the ability of personnel at all levels, ranging from strategic, and managerial to tactical.

"In the exercise, everyone from the strategic, managerial, and tactical levels, accommodates and collaborates with each other," Ramadhan said.

He explained that the strategy level was for police leaders, the managerial level was for heads of task forces, and the tactical level was for the heads of sub-task forces and other implementers.

Ramadhan said that all heads of task forces, chiefs of regional police, and chiefs of sub-district police throughout Indonesia involved in Operation Mantap Brata took part in the strategy exercise.

The training was carried out in two places at once, one was led by the Polri chief's assistant of operations at the crisis control center.

The other exercise was conducted on the 7th floor of the Presisi building, which was joined by at least 34 task force heads and 528 regional police chiefs via Zoom.

The police force has formed nine task forces for the Mantap Brata Operation, which include the preventive task force, pre-emptive task force, action task force, law enforcement, presidential and vice presidential candidates' security, anti-terrorism, security for polling stations overseas, public relations, and operational assistance task forces.

The exercise is expected to increase all personnel's ability to carry out their duties in the operation.

Operation Mantap Brata officially started on October 19, 2023, and will end on October 20, 2024. It will involve 261,695 police personnel from the level of Police Headquarters to regional police across the country in securing all stages of the election.

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Translator: Laily R, Kenzu
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