Sorong, SW Papua (ANTARA) - The General Elections Commission (KPU) of Southwest Papua Province declared on Sunday an integrity zone that ensures corruption-free and transparent in bureaucracy for the implementation of the 2024 General Elections' budget.

The head of the Southwest Papua KPU, Andarias Kambu, remarked that the establishment of an integrity zone within the KPU office is a positive step towards fostering the spirit of democracy and ensuring the effective utilization of the election budget.

"The management and utilization of the budget must be transparent and free from corruption to maintain public trust in KPU," Kambu explained.

The implementation of this integrity zone adheres to Ministerial Regulation No. 90 of 2021, which outlines the framework for establishing and evaluating integrity zones to create government agencies that are free from corruption and committed to serving the public with integrity.

KPU is a legally mandated institution tasked with organizing elections and upholding the principles of democracy.

Therefore, KPU officers must uphold their integrity in accordance with the fundamental principles of elections, namely, honesty, fairness, and transparency, Kambu emphasized.

He further stressed the importance of maintaining public trust to effectively organize the democratic process in Southwest Papua.

"This collaboration is crucial for securing continuous support from the central KPU in organizing elections with integrity," Kambu stated.

He expressed hope that KPU would serve as a model for other government agencies in implementing effective integrity zones.

He noted that the voting day is only 92 days away.

"There are only 20 percent left in the election stages. We will proceed with the logistics printing process, followed by the campaign stage," Kambu explained.

KPU is currently finalizing the data of election candidates, including verifying their identities, titles, and any punctuation marks in their names.

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Translator: Yuvensius B, Kenzu
Editor: Anton Santoso
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