Jakarta (ANTARA) - The alleged data leakage of the 2024 election's permanent voter list from the General Elections Commission (KPU) system is a reminder to accelerate the completion of regulations derived from the Personal Data Protection (PDP) Law.

"We should use this as a momentum to accelerate the issuance of derivative regulations of the PDP Law, namely government regulation (PP) and presidential regulation (Perpres)," Director General of Public Information and Communication at the Communication and Informatics Ministry (Kominfo) Usman Kansong remarked here on Saturday.

Kansong noted that the derivative regulations will make implementation of the PDP Law more comprehensive.

He affirmed that the PDP Law's derivative rules will boost enforcement and supervision efforts in the PDP Law.

For instance, he said, the law stipulates that electronic system operators who are negligent in safeguarding personal data can be criminally charged, and it also mandates the establishment of a supervisory agency for personal data protection.

Until the PDP supervisory agency is formed, Kominfo will hold the supervisory function.

Kansong emphasized that the government is serious about protecting people's personal data. When the PDP Law's derivative regulations are issued, the government will have a strong legal basis for handling cases of data security breaches, including the recent alleged leaked data of voters.

"The government, through the regulations, shows its seriousness in protecting our personal data," he affirmed.

The derivative regulations of Law No. 27 of 2022 concerning Personal Data Protection is still being prepared, two years since the law was passed in 2022.

Currently, the implementation of the PDP Law is in a two-year transition period before it actually takes full effect in October 2024.

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Translator: Fathur R, Kenzu
Editor: Rahmad Nasution
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