Jakarta (ANTARA) - Energy and Mineral Resources Minister Arifin Tasrif highlighted Indonesia's efforts to provide clean energy for the people before the International Energy Agency (IEA) Summit in Paris, France.

Tasrif, per the written statement here on Sunday, said that Indonesia is carrying out and promoting energy transition for the people, including in the household, business and industry, and transportation sectors.

"The success of energy transition implementation requires active participation from all stakeholders, including the public," the minister stated during the IEA Summit on Friday (April 25) local time.

Dissemination about the energy transition, including its benefits, is the key to ensuring the program's success, he said.

Tasrif informed that the government promotes energy transition to realize clean cooking in households in phases, starting from firewood to kerosene, then to cooking gas and induction stoves.

He noted that the conversion from cooking gas to electric induction stoves helps reduce cooking costs by 24 percent and bolster efficiency by up to 40 percent in households.

"The induction stove is also more practical and easier to move," he added.

Apart from the household, the government also promoted energy transition to the commercial and industrial sectors.

He said better energy management helps them reduce energy consumption by 20 percent.

Tasrif also said converting vehicles to an electric-powered one will help residents spend 50 percent less on fuel and for its maintenance.

"To accelerate the implementation of the electric vehicle program, the Indonesian government provided incentives, infrastructure, and ecosystem development," the minister stated.

Besides encouraging energy transition, the government also invites its residents to repurpose former mining sites for renewable energy development, such as for biomass farming or solar power plant sites, he said.

"The government also encouraged the people to plant mangrove trees that can absorb up to 50 tons of CO2 per hectare each year. The carbon market creates financial opportunities for people and reduces emissions," Tasrif explained.

Tasrif said his ministry is also carrying out educational activities to raise awareness about renewable energy among the people, such as through the PATRIOT Energi and GERILYA Academy programs.

"The key to success in bolstering public participation in energy transition is disseminating well-informed energy transition benefits, creating new business opportunities, and raising awareness through early education because knowledge will be the foundation (for residents) to participate," he remarked.

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Translator: Kelik Dewanto, Nabil Ihsan
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