Jakarta (ANTARA) - Indonesia is committed to supporting the realization of a two-state solution to achieve long-lasting peace between Palestine and Israel according to international parameters and consensus, the Foreign Ministry stated.

However, as highlighted by the ministry's director general for Asia-Pacific and Africa, Abdul Kadir Jailani, Israel's rejection of the solution becomes a major hindrance to its realization.

"Meanwhile, Palestine as well as Indonesia are consistent in their support for the two-state solution according to international parameters," Jailani stated at an online discussion here on Monday (June 3).

Jailani also refuted any relevance between the two-state solution and any attempts from Indonesia's side to "normalize" diplomatic relations with Israel.

The director general said Indonesia supports the first parameter, which is the realization of a sovereign Palestinian state according to the 1967 borders.

He remarked that the second parameter is the immediate cessation of the development of Israeli settlements in the West Bank region deemed illegal by international law.

According to Jailani, the right of Palestinians to return to their own country after being forcibly expelled by Israel in the past constitutes the third requirement.

More than 700 thousand Palestinians were violently expelled by Israeli forces and became refugees during the Nakba in 1948. Hence, it is reasonable that the Palestinians demand their return to their original land, he stated.

He remarked that the last parameter will be the recognition of East Jerusalem as the capital of an independent Palestine State.

Earlier, the ministry's director general of legal and international agreement, Amrih Jinangkung, affirmed that the status of Palestine as a sovereign state at the international level is final and beyond doubt.

Although Israel has continued to encroach on Palestinian territories, the latter still qualifies as a state based on the four principles of the Montevideo Convention of a permanent population, a defined territory, a government, and the capacity to enter into relations with other states.

"Even the current situation will not strip Palestine from qualifying as a state," Jinangkung stated during an online discussion on May 8.

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