Three hot spots detected in West Kalimantan

Three hot spots detected in West Kalimantan

(ANTARA News/Rosa Panggabean)

Pontianak, West Kalimantan (ANTARA News) - The Singaporean NOAA 18 (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) satellite has detected three hot spots in West Kalimantan province, an official said.

The chief of West Kalimantan`s Environmental Conservation Agency in Pontianak, Madison, said here Friday, the first hot spot was located in Pulau Maya sub-district, North Kayong district, the second in Matan Hilir sub-district, Ketapang district, and the third in Nanga Serawa sub-district, Sintang district.

Previously, on Tuesday (March 1), observation showed only one hot spot in the Benua Martinus sub-district, Kapuas Hulu district, and on Wednesday (March 2) four hot spots, namely in Ketapang three hot spots and in the District of Snapper, Kubu Raya District one hot spot.

"The air pollution standard index (PSI) in Pontianak and its surrounding areas is still normal," he said.

Earlier, a Meteorology and Geophysics Agency forecaster in Supadio, Pontianak, Sri Ningsih, estimated that smoke that emerged in the past couple of days was caused by a small scale combustion.

Sri said the Pontianak city`s hot weather and its surrounding areas in the past week was the result of low pressure in west Australia that was the beginning of a storm.

The current cloud concentration was due south of the equator, so rain would fall on the southern part of West Kalimantan such as Ketapang and surrounding areas.

"Based on our observation, Pontianak city have the possibility of light rain during March 1-4 which cannot be feel due to a layer of smog covering the city and its surrounding areas," Sri said.

The change from rainy to dry season is really experienced in West Kalimantan, as rain fall mostly showers the province all year long with only a several dry weathers.