Ago asks for Singapore`s help to locate Djoko Tjandra

Ago asks for Singapore`s help to locate Djoko Tjandra

Attorney General Basrief Arief. (FOTO.ANTARA)

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The Attorney General`s Office (AGO) has asked Singapore for reciprocal assistance to locate wanted Indonesian businessman Djoko Tjandra.

"We have sent a reciprocal legal aid request to Singapore," Attorney General Basrief Arief said at an Asia Pacific and Middle East prosecutors conference here on Thursday.

Djoko Tjandra was implicated in the cessie case of Bank Bali. He fled abroad following the issuance of a judicial review decision by the Supreme Court on the case.

The AGO has put Djoko Tjandra in the wanted list because he had failed to meet the summons of the South Jakarta prosecutor office as the executor of the Supreme Court`s ruling of the ruling three times.

The AGO has even asked the Directorate General of Immigration to revoke Djoko`s passport and the request had been met.

The Supreme Court had sentenced Djoko Tjandra to two years in jail and a fine of Rp15 billion in connection with the cessie case worth Rp546.468 billion in the middle of 2008.

Basrief said the request made to Singapore was a means of reciprocal legal aid request over a criminal case submitted by the team charged with finding convicts and suspects of corruption cases led by deputy attorney general.

"Its members includes officials from the national police, the coordinating ministry of political, legal and security affairs, the ministry of justice and the ministry of foreign affairs and the Financial Transactions Reporting Center (PPATK)," he said.

He said the AGO had also used the instrument in the case of Gayus Tambunan. He said the government was still preparing to submit a request in the case of corruption convict Gayus Tambunan to Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau and Malaysia.

"This was taken to know if he (Gayus) has indeed ever come to those countries and hid his assets there," he said.