Three Cianjur sub-districts soon to have new solar power plants

Cianjur, West Java (ANTARA News)- At least 96 solar power plants (PLTS) will soon be built by the West Java Energy and Human Resources Agency in three sub-districts in South Cianjur.

The statement was made by head of Cianjur energy and human resources services Ano Kusmana here on Friday as a follow up of the West Java provincial administration`s efforts in supplying energy for the rural population planned since 2003.

He also said his side is developing a program of developing new solar and alternative power plants known as hydro- and micro-power plants (PLTMH).

The areas covered by the PLTMH program in Cianjur, he said, include Sukamanah village in Cikadu sub-district, for power supply to 135 houses, while the PLTS program will cover Pamoyanan village, Cibinong sub-district with a total of 60 power plants, Gelar Anyar village, Pagelaran sub-district 6 PLTS, and Karangtengah village, in Tanggeung sub-district 30 PLTS.

The new and alternative energy program, he added, is expected to give a benefit by increasing alternative power supply to the regencies in the area.

Besides, he added, it will also boost the economic growth of the villages and their industries as well as improving the quality of education and health.