Samarinda, East Kalimantan (ANTARA News)- To build a highly competitive regional economy to raise the welfare of the local population, the East Kalimantan provincial administration is developing three industrial groups prioritizing agricultural and industrial development, and exports.

"The sectors are oleo chemical agricultural based industries in East Kutai, oil, gas and condensate based industries in Bontang, and industrial areas in Kiangau, Balikpapan," East Kalimantan Governor Awang Faroek Ishak said here Monday.

He added that the development of oleo chemical agricultural industries in East Kutai regency was already in line with Presidential Instruction No 1 of 2010 on National Development Priorities, in other words it has the support of the President.

Under Presidential Instruction, East Kalimantan is preparing 5,035 hectares, for the building of an industrial estate and international port (KIPI) Maloy.

The area will be divided into two locations, the first 1,000 hectares in Teluk Golok for a CPO plant, and the second 4,035 hectares in Maloy for an industrial estate and container port.

The project in Bontang was aimed at supporting the development of petrochemicals like urea, ammonia, soda and methanol, while an ammonium nitrate plant is under construction, and the area has raised its urea production capacity by building urea plants.

The industrial estate in Karingau in Balikpapan, will have CPO receiving facilities on 426.9 hectares called PT Mekar Bumi Andalas, a wood pulp plant PT Kutai Chip Mill also already operating in 15 hectares, and a coal handling area PT Gunung Bayan Grup on 400 hectares.

The other projects include an area for a shipbuilding yard and rubber industry PT Dermaga Perkasa Pratama already operating, a Pertamina supply base for offshore drilling on 8.9 hectares.

"The three estates are expected to be developed into a Special Economic Zone, for which the industrial groups need to be fully supported by effective and reliable infrastructural means and facilities," the governor said.(*)

Editor: Aditia Maruli Radja
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